Should a refresh of the object clear the reference?

In our application we build in some forms our own search objects but we see some strange behaviour there. We have a search object with some fields and some references. So one search item is a dropdown box and one search item is a text box both of the same search object where the user can enter search terms. Below these fields is a data grid with a microflow as source that take into account the search object and retrieves the objects from the datagrid. On both fields there is an on change event that refreshes the object and triggers the microflow retrieve action. Now the strange part. When I enter a search term the microflow is triggered and indeed all the objects wiith this term is found and shown. But when I set a reference the microflow is triggered but the reference is empty and thus no objects are found. This is inconsistent behaviour in my opinion. At the breakpoint when I fill the string I see this in the search object, but when I use the reference selector to change the reference and do a refresh the reference is set to empy and thus no objects are found. Why does a object refresh make a distinction between a field and a reference? Either both should be empty or both should be filled on a force refresh. Why is there this difference? Regards, Ronald
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