app store modules dont work in mx5

Hi, we are trying to build a client demo in Mendix 5 but many of the app store modules don't work in Mx 5 yet (namely Model reflection, email token module, simplecharts, community commons and deeplink, loginform). is there an expected timeline for making appstore modules mendix 5 compliant? If not we need to move back to Mendix 4.x for the development of this demo. thanks, Han Pieter
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We also had the same problem. The trick we used was the following.

  • Open a new Mendix 4.7.1 project
  • Load the needed appstorecontent in this module
  • Migrate the project to Mendix 5rc1 (java code in modules is also converted)
  • Export module packages for each module
  • Import the module packages in your new Mendix5 demo project

I don't know if this will work for all appstore content. We used it for: - community commons - email templates - SFTP connections - Flat file interface

They all work fine in Mendix 5


Many of these (such as Mx Model Reflection and Community Commons) actually have been updated for Mendix 5, but you'll have to hand-pick it in the App Store since there is currently no way to publish different versions for specific Mendix versions. You can find them under 'All versions' and/or by reading the documentation.

However, some of them still may only work in Mendix 4. Even though most migrations should be fairly simple, if you have no Java skills to get them to work you could consider running the demo in Mendix 4 instead.