Filtering in data grid based on microflow

I use a data grid based on a microflow pre-filtering records from an entity. For two boolean attributes the user needs to filter yes/no depending on his need. Now it seems to me that filtering in a data grid is not available when the datasource is a microflow. Does this mean that i need a button for every situation, so 4 buttons, each linked to a separate microflow (4)? Or is there a better solution?
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Here's the trick:


  1. In your Microflow, associate the objects with a parent object and have the parent object be returned.
  2. Add a Data View to your form, and set the source to the Microflow.
  3. Now, add a Data Grid inside the Data View and select its data source as database.
  4. Add an XPath constraint from the Association to the '[%CurrentObject%'].

Just make sure either you re-use this object (like checking in the MF if the object already exists for this user (another association)) or perform routine garbage collection (e.g. scheduled event) to avoid filling your database up with a lot of these records. This way, worst case spatial complexity is maximum one record per user.