Claiming cluster management takes a long time

Does anybody have an explanation for the fact that 'claiming cluster management' takes really long when I run an application on my laptop?
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In principle claiming cluster management is just a lookup in de database. So it shouldn't take longer than any other action. Cluster management is used to make sure that if you run multiple Mendix Business Servers with a load balancer that only one is executing scheduled events.

How do you measure that 'claiming cluster management' takes really long?


Well the following is printed in the console:

2010-01-04 11:52:04.784 INFO - CORE: Statistics update timeout, claiming cluster management 2010-01-04 11:52:06.643 INFO - CORE: Logout: MxAdmin

and it takes 1 minute and 20 seconds to continue to

2010-01-04 11:53:30.049 INFO - EXTERNALINTERFACE: Initializing external interface and scheduled events...

I don't recall it taking so long, could it have to do anything with this:

2010-01-04 11:52:04.159 INFO - MODULE: Waiting for Jetty server to start in order to initialize Single Sign On Module ???