Programmatic Dojo Tab Refresh

I built a widget which lets me display tabs on any side of the pane (left, right, bottom, top). I have mimicked Mendix's tab features (security,etc.), but have a question regarding the refreshOnShow. Generally, the Content Panes can employ an anchor reference, and re-download the page with a simple property. But it seems Mendix does not go this route (I'm assuming because of how the forms are templated). So, my refresh code is as follows: //cp is the content pane var widgets = dijit.findWidgets(cp.containerNode); dojo.forEach(widgets, function(w) { w.destroyRecursive(true); }); dojo.empty(cp.containerNode); //Re-load the form after this and apply context Can anyone provide clarification on Mendix's process, or if I should make any modifications to my own code? EDIT: I am connecting this to the Content Pane's onShow event.
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