when do I need to synchronize the modeler file and clear my cache?

whenever I deploy my model I by default Synchronize the modeler file and clear my browser Cache. I have the sense that a lot of the times I am doing this when it really isn't necesarry. Are there any guidline on when to synchronize and clear my Cache?
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I would like to add something to Michel's answer, there are two 'synchronization types'.

  • At first the console asks you to synchronize the modeler file (option 1), this needs to be done whenever the you changed something to the modeler file. Like Michel said for instance changed the metamodel, but also changing any other item in the modeler (like a microflow, form, mapping, web service etc.).
  • However only when you changed something in the metamodel or an enumeration, you need to synchronise the database (option 3). When the menu for synchronizing the database doesn't appear you can assume the database it up to date.

Hi HP,

I think in general you need to synchronize the modeler file whenever you've made changes in any of your metamodels. The console will check if your database structure is still in sync with your model and if not asks you if you wish to synchronize these changes.

Emptying your cache is only necessary if you've made changes in forms of styling, forms can be cached and if the cache is not emptied it might look like the changes you've made had no effect