LoginForm Widget not rendering in Mendix 5

I created a new Mendix 5 project in Mendix business modeler and enabled Anonymous users and set up security accordingly. I then gave anonymous users access to a page with the Login Form widget. After deploying my application to test, instead of the login form rendering I get the error message: Unable to render loginsystem_widget_LoginForm_0 widget: Cannot read property 'login' of undefined Is this widget going to have continuing support in new versions of Mendix? Is it possible to easily create a microflow that has the same function?
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Okay found the solution thanks to Wessel Bosman:

I have Mendix Business Modeler 5.2.0, Build 1371

Had similar error: Unable to render loginsystemwidgetLoginForm_0 widget: Cannot read property 'login' of undefined

Seems the solution was easy, when your installing the Login Form to be sure it is version 2.0, click on the All Versions tab and click the download button below the padlock icon (should be right at the top of the list of versions).

To view a print screen: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4OdJxejllfEd1o1R0x6TGJvNlE

Make sure you install Version 2.0, when i did the login did work like a charm.

Regards and hope this can help. Gabriel