theme changed to default after deployment

Hi all, we seem to have this issue happening often now, in different apps and versions of the modeler. We have updated something in the model, did not touch anything in the theme, which is not supplied as zip, but all relevant directories within the theme folder, and now out of the blue it has changed to the default theme, even though the index.html (not changed) is pointing to the correct theme folder. Why does this happen??! I have then (just like in another project), created the theme zip file, and imported to settings. Run it locally fine, but when login in acceptance I get the following error on landing page (after login page which already shows the right theme css): Error when loading url CaseRecorder/enquireroverview.mxf: Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment I have not changed any form, just added the theme zip to settings. I have commited the zip file using the modeler options, created the mda file, just like always. Am I missing something? update Found that this is only a problem in IE10. The customer also uses IE. I cannot understand what adding the zip file or in fact just an update to an area of the model, create this problem with the ui. Is this something anyone came across before? LR.
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I do not understand the part about "which is not supplied as zip". What do you mean, did you never create the zipfile of the theme? Because you need the zip file if you want to change the default theme to something else. Or do I misunderstand the way you deploy your mda? Because if you do not deploy the zip file within your mda I know why Mendix goes to default. See also the tutorial section Theme tutorials