Preserve state after full page refresh

There's an application provided to the user. If you simply visit it you're given some input fields and a theme from index.html. There's also a deep link. If you visit the deep link the application is created with a boolean which sets different inputs to be shown on the client side with theme index-different.html. If you do a full page refresh on the deep link application you get redirected to the first application screen (because the url is reset to the standard one (/#hash)) with the wrong theme applied and without the boolean set, so you're missing some inputs. To illustrate this better: - index.html, boolean not set, standard inputs. after a full page refresh we get the same results. - index-different.html, boolean set, different inputs. after a full page refresh we get: - index-different.html, boolean not set, standard inputs. which should be after refresh: index-different.html, boolean set, different inputs. Is it possible to somehow show the user the correct application when a full page refresh happens? Using the Mendix toolbar navigation is not an option. I've tried using windows history pushstate, but that didn't seem to be a reliable solution and is not supported in IE10<.
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I see you are using the deeplink module. Have you tried setting the option use as home option. If you set this to true in your deeplink setup the deeplink will be run everytime the page is refreshed. The other alternative is as you say changing the history push state, but this is only available after IE10. You can try to use I know that mendix home uses this to help with refreshing of the page.