PDF Browser Cache

Hi, We have a microflow that allows a user to upload pdf's and then a different microflow to download the same pdf. The download is set to "show file in browser instead of downloading" However we are noticiing that when a new file is uploaded to replace the old file, the broswer still shows the old file. Even when logging out and closing the browser and then logging back in. The only way to get the new pdf to display is to clear the browser cache. Does anyone know how I can get the browser to display the current pdf instead of it's cached version? I've tried deleting the current pdf before uploading in the same microflow with no luck. Thanks
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Make sure you are uploading to a new file.

If you upload to the same file, the browser will cache the URL containing the GUID. So this would make sense if you have to clear your cache every time.

Try creating a new file document and uploading/displaying it instead