Showing different types of currencies in a column of a datagrid

My international project has to deal with several currencies. I am using an enumeration for setting the different types of currencies. Furthermore, I am using a float for currency values. What I would like to do is: showing the different currency values combined with icons of the different types of currencies (euro, dollar, etc.) in a datagrid. How would you deal with it? And, am I able to show both icon and values in one column?
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According to my knowledge, it is currently not possible to show both the image and the currency value in the same column. Thus, I would create two columns, one for the enum attribute and one for the float attribute, and set the "DisplayType" property to "Image" for the enum column. Additionally, you could set the "Show group separators" property to "True" for the float column, so that group separators are shown in large amounts.