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I have just been asked by my manager to ask if Mendix has any Integration with the following: LiveLink, Outlook, SharePoint
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We have an off-the-shelf module available for Microsoft Exchange integration.

We do not have them yet for LiveLink and SharePoint. However, our platform has several extension and plugin methods available. Depending on the integration wishes it can be quite easy to integrate with third-party systems.

Possible options include:

  • Custom widgets: Javascript level integration.
  • Webservices: call or publish webservices to exchange information.
  • Java actions: call APIs using Java code.
  • SSO/LDAP module: integrate user management and authentication.

For more information see the full feature overview of the Mendix Platform.


Hi Simon,

no, yes, no :)

We have a standard Exchange module that gives you all the options of outlook in Mendix (sending, forwarding etc).


are there any updates on the integration with sharepoint? is it possible for example to run a microflow designed in mendix but triggered by an event in sharepoint itself (lets say some more advance approval microflow)