App Store Widget 2.1 : Multi Level Menu (Bootstrap)

As a reference the to the Widget: Multi Level Menu. Bootstrap based Multilevel menu. Allowing to select a reference via relation. The menu display entities using relations with other entitys or a recursive reference to its own entity. Feel free to contribute to this widget at: If you have any questions or request for improvement plase ask here
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2.1 version of the multi level menu is release and have some great performance improvements but also allows you the search trough your menu. Search

2.1 Release notes: New functions: - Filter Search options to limit the list. - Scroll in sub menu (that does not have a sub menu) - Default caption in the xml for translatable strings.

Fixes: - Inline-block button and menu button (Will wrap when with is to long.) - Moved menu to div in body, so it can overlap pop ups and control bars (thanks to Joost Stapersma)

previous release:

2.0 Release notes: - Big Performance improvements - Compete splitting datasource file - 2 templates for; button and split button - If button click mf render as Split Button else as normal Button - Split widget into data source and widget file - Timer to close menu on leave


Dear Andries.

we need to have the same widget but for Mendix version 8.18.11, could you please help us in this regards.