Context needs to be dropped but I still need access to the enclosing object

In a Datagrid embedded in a Dataview, I want to retrieve all objects that a user has access to, but they are constrained by context because of the related enclosing object in the Dataview. I dropped my context and now I can see them all, but I can no longer use the enclosing object from the Dataview. Is there a way to do this?
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Yes, you can set the context property to 'private'. This means that all context constraints are dropped, but you can still use the '[%CurrentObject%]' token in your xpath constraint to refer to the object in the enclosing dataview.

Example: [RefToDataviewObject = '[%CurrentObject%]']


To add to what Johan said, if you set the context property to 'private' you can still pass on enclosing context by adding an invoke button with "Pass enclosing context" set to true, this way you can still use the enclosing context in a microflow.


It's not clear what you want. You want to drop the context of the Dataview, and you want to contrain the Datagrid on the Dataview object. Can you explain what you want to constrain on which object?

Maybe you can use a XPath constraint on the Datagrid.


Thank you I needed this for my own project!