Search question: Not equal

Allthough Mendix does not think that searching for an empty value is relevant (see this post) I am still wrestling a bit with this concept. We do have the option Not equal. The problem with Not equal is that like Equal it only searches for the exact matches. So when looking for a name Ronald with Not Equal in a string field Ronald Catersels will still be shown. I have to match the exact string to filter all the results. And strangely the empty fields are also not shown. I find this strange because in my opinion all records without Ronald also means all the empty records. What I would like as an option is the opposite of Contains (Does not contain). Because then searching for Ronald in the does not contain search box will also remove the Ronald Catersels record from the list. And even more the wildcard _ will give me all the records with empty values. I would like your opionion about this before I file a feature request. May be I am the only one still wrestling with the limitations of the current search options. Regards, Ronald
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