Using tokens in the Mail Module

I managed to get the mail module up and running but for one problem.... it refuses to insert tokens into my templates....... using the documentation (screenshot) as a guide I create a simple mail-template with just a dat field to insert, but the mail refuses to go out telling me Java thinks it holds an "empty String"........ Could someone enlighten me ?
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Lex, can you be more specific? Otherwise if you are in the Utrecht area come drink a cup of coffee at Daywize and I can explain the specifics.




Answering my own post can never be a good thing......

After consulting in situ with Ronald last thursday I found some time again to experiment today. The actual cause of the problem is a lack of documentation (some would call it a hidden feature B-) concerning the way the template is set-up to handle HTML/Plaintext. The forms as delivered in the module have a tab container which allows you to use both HTML (using the Rich Text Editor) and plain text bodies in your email. There is even a button there which will grab the HTML body and create your plain text one for you, but there is no warning (or documentation) telling you that it is not supposed to remain empty. You should notice that the underlying Microflow and subsequent Javaactions DO require you to have BOTH the HTML and Plaintext fields filled in....

Do that, problem solved and all token-substitution is go !