Report Generation in PDF format

Hi, I need to generate the reports and have to provide the user the ability to be able to save it as a PDF from the screen. I am using modeler version, can anyone guide me how this can be accomplished? Ankit
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Hi Ankit,

The oldest Mendix version I have is version 4.7.2.

I do not know whether any of the actions below are introduced after your version but I assume that everything is available in your version.

The first step is to create a document template in the modeler. In the template you create the layout and place your entity attributes on the layout.

The end user clicks on a button, which calls a microflow.

The microflow will do (at least) the following:

  • Create a suitable file name, as string variable, this name will be what the user sees when the download starts.
  • Create an object of System.FileDocument with that name. As the document is downloaded immediatly, it is best to set DeleteAfterDownload to true to make sure that the file is deleted from the server.
  • Generate document. This is a microflow action that takes a template and the file document we just created to generate the document.
  • Download file. This microflow action triggers the download.

Hi Anket ,

If you check the app store then there is an academic project Employee. Check out how they are creating a PDF. You can even customize more so that you can also verify whether what you need can be delivered or not.