Combination datagrid

I have 2 objects: Customer Period I would like to have a grid where I can see the combinations of customer and period. These objects are not related to each other. For example: I have the following customers: 'A', 'B' and 'C' and the following periods: '2009' and '2010' The grid must then contain: A, 2009 A, 2010 B, 2009 B, 2010 C, 2009 C, 2010 When I select a line in the grid both objects 'Customer' and 'Period' needs to be given the underlaying microflow. Is this possible now or in the future or do I need to make a new object where I store the combination?
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This is only possible if the two objects are somehow related. This can be done directly by drawing an association between them or by using an intermediate object.

If two objects are not related via an association (multiple steps possible) or inheritance, it is not possible to show them in the same DataGrid.


No they are not related to each other in the meta model. That's the whole point (forgot the mention that in my previous post).