How does conditional formatting on reference selector work?

I am unable to get the "enabled conditional formatting" to work on a reference selector. I have a simple enum. When set to no the reference selector should be disabled. When set to yes it should be enabled. But nothing happens. Is there anything specific I need to do?
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There are two ways to use conditional formatting:

  1. Set conditional formatting on an input widget to enable/disable it (make it "read-only")
  2. Set conditional formatting on a table row to make that row visible or not

The second option works on any table row, no matter what the content is (so you could show or hide your reference selector for example).

The first option, the one you want to use, doesn't seem to work correctly on all input widgets: simple text boxes, checkboxes, etc. work fine, but reference (set) selectors and drop downs don't (at least not in the current version).

You could report this as a bug in the Mendix Partner Portal, and perhaps in the mean time use the second option to achieve something similar?