migrating from earlier versions, from custom cloud

Hi guys, Just saw the new update for 5.3.1 and the new platform enhancements. All sounds great, look forward to use it. I wonder if I can get info on what is the best way to migrate a well established app which is currently running in custom cloud (putty env), under version 3.3.6 with a few java actions attached and matching UI for that version, all the way to the much better cloud platform with all the nice deployment/monitoring/management features and all the way to version 5.3.1.? I assume for space in the cloud I will need to raise a ticket to allocate us some space/nodes, etc. Basically just trying to assess how much effort we will require to make such a migration and where the main pitfalls are, steps to follow, etc and if anyone has been though similar process, what tips may there be... regards, LR.
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Hi Luis,

You can file a support ticket to request some assistance with the migration.

How easy or difficult the migration will be mainly depends on how your application is implemented. As long you do not rely on weird hardcoded filesystem paths, database credentials to bypass the mendix runtime and connect to the database, or implemented your own classloading mechanisms, it could be quite painless.