MicroFlow Datagrid Problem

I managed to make this work before but then changed something and can no longer get it to work. I basically have a DataView and a Datagrid inside it. I have added a Invoke button that is attached to a microflow that creates a new object, changes some values and opens up a form to complete the rest of the Information. When i click save on the form that is opened via the micro flow it does not add it to the datagrid. I do not think the context is right or something. I have tried passing enclosed context but this doesnt seem to work either. I have used a similar action before but it was not enclosed in a DataView. There must be some setting that i have put in wrong. The Relationship is correct and it works with the default Add Button but not with the Microflow button.
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Right i sorted it myself. I had forgot to change the association value in the Microflow.