Save the Emails beeing send with attachments in a folder / drive

We are using Email Template module and sending emails from application. I would like to save the emails with attachments (Physically) in a folder for certain operation. Also, I would like to send the saved email / from application directly as an attachment to another email address. It will be great if I can get some suggestion around this.
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In the .eml format? Why not just save a html file (with the html) or text file (with the plain text) + the attachments in a folder. Also, the e-mails can be accessed directly from the email template module. For history references, this includes attachments.

If you want to send the e-mail to another e-mail you use the BCC or CC options. Or you send another e-mail based on a template with the attachments + html/text file attached to that e-mail address.

I don't see why you would want to generate some sort of e-mail file just for the sake of archiving or sending it as a copy. Unless the requirement is getting it as an .eml file. (.eml is BTW the format Microsoft Outlook uses to save e-mails externally)


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