SimpleMenu (Mobile) does not show text of navigation items

Hi All, I'm trying to transform our mobile application to Mendix 5.3.1. My mobile layout has a sidebar that is shown with the sidebarToggle. The sidebar contains the SimpleMenu with a reference to the Phone navigation (project navigation). When I open my app (on a phone, but also in different browsers) the sidebar does not show the text of the links in my navigation menu. The links are available (on hover I see a change of background color), but the text is not visible. According to the css style the link should be presented. When I check my html output I see (a href="#") (/a). So the text in the a href is missing. I also tried to add a custom menu (instead of the navigation) and I have the same problem. Images in the menu are displayed correctly. Anybody any idea on how to fix this? What am I missing... Cheers Wouter
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Updated the modeler to version 5.3.2 and the problem is solved. Do not know for sure if the new version fixed it, or that something else did the trick.