Phonegap app with PIN login and persistent sessions

Hi guys, We're building a tablet application and I'm running in to a little issue. We're using persistent sessions so that the user isn't automatically logged out every x minutes. When the user starts the app for the very first time he's asked to login, and setup a PIN using the new PIN login system. Everything seems fine. However, when I deploy a new version to the cloud node, the users are disconnected (which seems reasonable :-) ). The problem is when they restart the app, the PIN they registered doesn't seem to be registered, and they have to sign in using their Username and Password again, after which they have the opportunity to setup a new PIN, and the cycle starts anew Anyone any tips?
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Have you enabled the automatically login to hybrid apps feature? From 6.9 this will be the default, but in 6.7 and 6.8 you'll have to manually configure this feature.