Persistent Sessions (Stay logged in after restart) In Production?

Persistent session are awesome when developing, saving the developer time to re-login after restarting his modeler. YES! Is this save to use this in production on the latest version of Mendix? Allows you deploy while users stay logged in. The documentation describes in solution for a performance bottle neck... However in the Custom Settings only describes warnings: So what will be the real impact on using this option in production?
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Based on my own experience I would advise you to at least built in a mechanism that warns the users about a release. If you update functionality that they are using during the release, unexpected errors might occur.

A refresh of the client is in my opinion always preferred after a release, to make sure that what the client cached is in sync with what the server expects. If you take care of that, maintaining their session should not be a problem. However with that in mind it also brings up the question if it still remains useful. Although right now users also do not get an update when the server restarts for an update.