JSON Additional Properties

I came across a MailChimp API that has some strange behavior http://developer.mailchimp.com/documentation/mailchimp/reference/lists/members/#read-getlistslistidmemberssubscriberhash Begin member of an interest group is represented in this way: This additional properties could not be mapped to a Mendix Model. Or Can they? { "id": "42d6d875f88b104b497", "interests": { "a5b391b882": false, "1cc60e1ad5": true, "99c94f04a3": false } } The Interest IDs are use as attributes. Interest can be created over time, so I can not make the an attribute in my model. A hack will be parsing the result "manually". But that is far from ideal. This behavior is described in Json Schema as "Additional Properties" https://spacetelescope.github.io/understanding-json-schema/reference/object.html#properties Any Suggestion? Thanks, Andries
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Correct, this use case cannot yet be handled by the Json import mapper. It's on the roadmap.