Formatted text in action button caption?

I have a situation where I want to have an action button that calls a micro-flow and the caption for the button is a formatted date with just the full name of the month, and the 4-digit year. Currently it seems that you can pull a DateTime variable from the data model and put it in the caption of the action button, but you cannot do any formatting. Am I missing something, or is there another way to achieve this functionality (a formatted text label using data from the data model that is clickable and runs a micro-flow) aside from embedding Javascript/jQuery in the page to manually replace the date with text (not a great option) or creating a 'formatted' attribute in the data model entity and using that instead (also not a great option)?
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You could try to use the CustomString widget from the app store. In the source microflow return the formatted data string, like

formatDateTime($Object/createdDate, 'MMMMM yyyy')

Put your actions in a microflow to run as the On Click property of the widget.

To display the widget to render like a button, enter the Class of the widget as

btn btn-primary