Mendix and SAP Netweaver Gateway X-CSRF-Token

Hi everyone, I'm taking a dive into Mendix to use REST services defined in SAP Netweaver Gateway. The problem i have is that a PUT or POST request doesn't seem to work. I know that i have to GET a X-CRSF-TOKEN and use that token in the PUT or POST. While debugging the microflow i can see the retrieved token and that token is passed in the HTTP header of the PUT (using $currentSession/CSRFToken to pass to the HTTP header). Whatever i try, the result is always a 403 respond. After analyzing the trace in Netweaver Gateway i noticed that the token value is different from the one i see in Mendix. I guess that should explain the 403-respond... When i use the REST client in Firefox, everything works. No 403 response when executing a PUT or POST. Does anyone have a clue why the X-CRSF-TOKEN in Mendix differs from the one i see in Netweaver Gateway? Kind regards, Guus Werinussa
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Feeling kind of stupid... found out that i made a simple typo when adding the HTTP header to the REST call. So problem fixed.