Consuming REST service

Hi there, I followed the tutorial on consuming a webservice but for the purpose of testing I want to do something simple. I am able to retrieve a list trough importmapping as a List of JsonObject. How do I output this list to, for example a datagrid or dataview ?
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The Modeler enables you to easily create a data structure to store JSON in. This documentation describes how to import a JSON structure to create a corresponding entity structure in Mendix and This documentation describes the Import with Mapping microflow Action that will enable you to take the JSON you have from the webservice call and quickly parse it into your app. Once its parsed and into the entities, you can then display it on a page.

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P.S. The recent expert webinar on consuming a REST service also covers this topic in detail - if you want to see how to map a JSON structure to a Mendix domain model, that starts at about minute 13 - video can be found here


Hi there, maybe it might help other people so I will explain in short how to deal with consuming rest in a very simple example. On a page place a Datagrid that has a datasource that calls a microflow. Use the video tutorial on how to setup JSONstructure and mapping. In the microflow make the REST API call and use the Import Mapping. Make sure you set the properties of the endpoint of the microflow to output list. That is all.

BTW Mendix did a great job on the json structure and import mapping. Pretty briljant.