Bootstrap and Feedback widget not working together?

I'm having trouble getting the feedback widget working in mhy application. I used the bootstrap css as the basis for the styling and the setup of the index.html file. I found out that a clean project, generated from the app store downloading bootstrap, in combination with the feedback button is not working. I do see the differences between the index files, but I wasn't able to figure out how to keep the bootstrap styling and get the feedback button to work. Anybody? Thanks for reading. Update, as a response to Andries' comment: the bootstrap I mentioned is the Bootstrap for Mendix 1.0.1, not the editor. It's a theme rather than a widget. Just the index.html gives me problems in combination with the feedback widget, something in the way the layout is build up ...
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Please note that you are mentioning Modeler version 4.7.2 while the app store states "Basic, bootstrap based, rich text editor for MX5 only."