Gridview and dataview based on object

I have a gridview with a list of products. When you click on a product in the list a new page should open with: - The product information(same as in the list, but now in a dataview. - Below the product information a gridview list with prices should apear. This list should be filtered to show only the prices of the selected product. (so basically something like: select * where productname = ....the name choosen in the gridview. the prices and the products are two different entities. Association is set). I am trying to achieve this with a microflow, but I can't get it to work. My microflow: Parameter: gets the product clicked on in the gridview. Start. Then: Activity - retreive list (from database). entity: Prices with Xpath constraint: Productname=$Products/Productname] (This should filter the list with only the prices of the choosen product). Output: ListofPrices Then: end event, return: ListofPrices. When I set the gridview datasource (of the prices gridview ) to the microflow I get the error: "Selected microflow should have no parameters". What am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance!
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Is the microflow a requirement for some reason? Else you could create a page containing the product dataview and in this dataview add a grid view over the association product_price.


Thank you for your reply, looks like it worked. The microflow is not a requirement, I just thought that that was a way to achieve it.