Can I combine multiple split panes in a single form?

I have a form which contains a tab control with several tabs. In one of the tabs I have a horizontal split pane in which each pane contains a data grid for a different object. I would like to add a third pane to display a third object. Is this possible? I tried to put another horizontal split pane into one of the panes of the original split pane, but the form builder would not allow it. The form builder DOES allow me to put a vertical split pane into one of the panes of the original horizontal split pane, however when I then deploy the application the inserted vertical split pane does not display correctly and only the right hand pane is visible. I have tried using a table to achieve the desired result but this does not work as I want each individual data grid to be displayed and to scroll independently, which does not happen with a table. Can I achieve the desired result? If so, how? Thanks. QUESTION: Re. your answer below, Johan - I can't see where to set the page size for a grid - can you point me in the right direction? Thanks. ANSWER: Just realised you're referring to the 'Number of rows' attribute. This is not exactly what I wanted, as this just sets the maximum number of rows to be displyed, rather than a fixed number, but it's probably the closest I can get. Thanks.
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Splitpanes can be nested, however, there are a couple of known issues with browser compatibility.

It is better to use a table in your case. You can adjust the height of a grid by defining the page size. So instead of scrolling you can use paging.

Please let me know if this is possible for your situation.