After Association some Parents attribute blank show

I have association parent entity and child entity. This association is Child_Parent ( Type - Reference , Owner - Default ). The all child entity showing in data grid. In this data grid some attribute of child entity those are same to parent entity, blank show in data grid . How can i show for this attribute ?
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The relations created from the domain model in the modeler are not in need to have similar attributes in both parent and child, actually having those for no other reason then "connecting" the objects might even confuse you.

If you have a datagrid showing the child objects then it would be enough to add a column added and connect that column to the attribute in the parent.

PLEASE NOTE!!! the auto-generate functionality in the Modeler does NOT provide you with these "connected attributes" so you will need to add these to your overview and newedit screens yourself! Additional, on the dataview (and probably also the template grid?) adding an "associated" field can be done using the appropriate reference selector (for those situation where you still need to create that connection, or be able to change it OR by using a textbox, which will automatically make it a non-editable field.