Mendix Modeler does not clean orphaned java libraries in the userlib.

I have used a number of mendix versions but one thing i have noticed is that Mendix does not clean Java libraries which are not used in the app. So what happens is that the java libraries keep on accumulating when adons are added from the appstore because on delete of these adons the libraries still remain in the userlib folder. Has this been fixed or is it being fixed?
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This has not been fixed. App Store modules once installed into your project do not "know" which libraries they added. This information needs to be stored in metadata. You can submit a ticket for this.


Quick way of cleaning, is to:

  1. Create a temporary project
  2. Import the the currently used modules from the app store.
  3. Move all userlib file to a backup folder outside your project
  4. Copy the userlib files from you temporary project in to you own project
  5. Run you project
  6. In case it complains about some libraries, copy the from you backup

Would be really nice if Mendix can handle the dependencies.