Confirmation message

how can I make confirmation message like delete message which should return boolean and according to it I will choose different scenario in my microflow?
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Hi Mohammad,

there is currently no way of creating a point in your microflow where you can 'wait' for a user to give his input so you can use this input in a microflow.

There is however, a very effective 'workaround';

  • Just create a microflow that ends with an 'open form' activity
  • Create a form, connected to the input object of your microflow with the desired text and two action trigger buttons (one that says 'yes' and one that says 'no')
  • Create two different microflows, one to execute when the user clicks 'yes' and one to execute when the user clicks 'no' (both of them closing the form that you've opened to obtain the user input)

Hope this does it for you!


You can now use the Confirm Microflow widget for this!