Adding an Anonymous Userrole Generates Model Errors

I am adding an "Anonymous" user role in my Project Security, which I link to an "Anonymous" module role within my Administration Module. This is the only place I need the role, just so it's possible to show a Custom Login Page. When I add the Role and link it to the Administration Module, I get four Errors from within other Modules, e.g. ModelReflection: "Atribute 'ModuleName.Object.Attribute': user role 'Anonymous' has no module role in module 'ModuleName'. Weird thing is that when I add an "Anonymous" module role in these modules and link those to the "Anonymous" user role, the errors are not resolved. Anyone encoutered this? What can I do to resolve this issue?
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What happens if you turn off the check security feature in the project security settings? Read the text below the option to see possibly what is causing your errors.