Problem with the example

Dear MX, I'm a new user of you and I need some help. I 've downloaded the Mendix Buiseness Modeler 5.5.0 and I'm trying to follow your example with Mario Pizza. BUT, as I 'm trying to download the file Pizza Mario Project v2.0, which is compatible with my version of Modeler, it doesn't let me to download it with the error message "Project 'Pizza Mario Project' cannot be downloaded, because its version '' is not readable. " What can I do? Regards, Antonina
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As far as I can see in the app store there is one pizza mario app that states that the app is compatible with version 5.5.0. This is however incorrect, when you open the app store from the modeler and search for the pizza mario project you'll see that there is no version that can be downloaded for Mx version 5.5.0. You might try and use the company expenses example to get you started using Mendix. See Getting Started