Displaying System members in Data Grid

Hello All, I would like to display the system members like owner, changed date, changed by in the data grid for audit purposes. The problem I have is, it displays the owner name only when I login as MxAdmin and not as normal user. Is this something related to authorizations (module roles or System roles) or Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance
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I believe you can only see these attributes for users you can manage according to the role model. If you open Project Security and then edit one of your project roles, at the bottom of this menu is the "User management" section, which indicates which roles this user is allowed to manage. In the case of the MxAdministrator role, this option is set to 'All', which means you will be able to these values for every user. If you however log in as a normal user, you will typically not be able to manage any other roles, which means these fields remain blank due to security constraints.

See more here: https://world.mendix.com/display/refguide5/User+Role