Refresh button in Mendix 5

In earlier mendix versions there was a so called 'mendixToolbar' with a home, back,forward,refresh and signout button. The signout button is available as a widget in Mendix 5, but it seems that the refresh button is disappeared in Mendix 5. Is it possible to get this button back somehow?
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Mendix does not currently ship with a default refresh button. The silver lining is that, in most cases, you don't need one! Mendix recently implemented static URLs, which means you can simply use the browser's in-built refresh behavior (aka f5).

Where Mendix used to redirect to the home page on f5, it will now attempt to reload the current page, assuming it has a configured URL. So as long as the URL property of your page is set, you should be fine. 

Of course, if you absolutely require a refresh button, you could always build a show-page action button that opens the current page. Not exactly scalable, but it gets the job done. 


Refresh button is back (at least available in mendix 6.10 as widget button)