OQL error and problem with Google map widget

I need a help with OQL query. I modified my old application from University and I have problem with OQL. There is some error and I can not repair this. FROM Beekeeper_Diary_application_Karol_Chwalek.Apiaries AS MedRec INNER JOIN MedRec/Beekeeper_Diary_application_Karol_Chwalek.Apiaries_Record_BeekeeperUser/Beekeeper_Diary_application_Karol_Chwalek.BeekeeperUser AS Puser GROUP By Puser/Name SELECT COUNT (MedRec/Apiaries_name) as MedRecCount, Puser/Name AS PuserName Error show me that the path does not resolve to a column and cannot resolve attribute. I also tried add Google map widget to my application and there is also problem with latitude and longitude settings. Maybe somebody have any guide book for setting map or mendix guide book. The most important for me is creating microflow guide and OQL query. Please help ASAP. Thank. Karol
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