Opening a FileDocument created in Java action

I've created an Excel file in a Java action using IGrid. How can I let the user open this, or at least tell him where he can find it? After composing the IGrid, I do this: QueryResultDocument resultDocument = QueryResultDocument.initialize(Core.create(context, "PipsAndSubbies.QueryResultDocument")); IMendixObject fileObject = ExportManagerModule.generateXLS(context, resultDocument.getMendixObject(), queryFile.getName() + ".results.xls", grid); but I can't then see the created file in Explorer. Do I have to finalise it somehow?
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Mendix uses it's own file structure on disk. Files have to be managed using the objects in the database (System.FileDocument). So, you should let your users download the generated file via the Mendix web client.

If you call the Java action (described in your question) from a microflow you can add a download activity to this microflow to let the user directly download the result.