Rest Services Module Using Cookies

Hi I have been using the Rest Services module and have managed to integrate with a few services. However I am struggling to understand if it is possible to integrate using the module with a service that requires cookies. According to the documentation you must first send a post request to authenticate service. In the response you will get a series of cookies which you then have to send in your following requests to other services. Is this available in the Rest module? Or how would I go about adjusting or extending the existing module to support this sort of functionality? Regards
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Setting cookies requires being able to manipulate headers. You can currently set a cookie on a request by using addHeaderToNext request and then set a cookie header (it would be nice to make a nice abstraction on top of that)

Reading cookies from a response is currently not possible, but I am currently extending the support for custom headers, so that should be available somewhere halfway next week. You can open an issue here if you have any more details that could be useful.