Retrieving Attributes that have been changed

I have set up emailing so that when a object is changed it sends a email to the owner saying that the object has been changed. It would also be nice if i could retrieve the attributes that have been changed so that the in the email it contains all the attribute details that have been changed. Is this possible? I cannot seem to find a option for this.
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One option that does not require java is to create a beforecommit microflow that retrieves the same item from the database. You can then compare all attributes one by one. When an attribute has changed you can describe that change in one of your email fields.

I use the same mechanism to create auditlines that check all changes (user-configurable which attributes are relevant) of an object and create auditlines for those.

I would like to have an action that retrieves all changed attributes in one go as well, but I don't think that exists (yet).

Hope this helps.