Idea: regression test suggester in modeler

When you are modeling in a re-usable way then much microflows flows are used in multiple processes. So tracing a sub microflow back to all possible start points is very useful for determining which regression tests have to be done when changing something. Wouldn't it be great if Mendix can generate a list of all action that are affected from a change set? So when patching for example a version 1.2.1 to production you should be able to see a list of everything thats affected between 1.2.0 and 1.2.1. When you add for example an after create event to an object everything should be on the list that creates that object backtraced to possible start points. An other example (which triggered me for this idea): changing a submicroflow that was also used in a scheduled event making use of currentuser variable, which is not in scope in an SE. It would be great if the modeler came up with a list of all possbile start points that are affected when changing that sub microflow. SE's are also startpoints. Actually you want an automated process for something that can already be done by hand. Namely: find usages on MF, find usages on callers, and so on. For one generic submicroflow you can end up with for example 10 end points (UI, events, MF attribs, SE's). That's crucial information to give to a test team..
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