Printing a document

I am having problems generating a document from a template. I have created the document template and added in the microflow with three actions. 1 Create instance of Print object 2 Generate document from template (pdf) 3 Download generated document The document is repeatedly failing to download. I have tried on different machines and different browsers. Any ideas? Is there a log file somewhere which might give some more information on why the document is failing to be created?
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Another route could be to check the security on the filedocument that you are creating, it might be that your user does not have the correct permissions and therefore the download will fail.



When the document tries to download, is it blocked by a browser pop up blocker? This happens to me frequently. Also, if you are running locally, any error messages will be displayed in the console inside of the Modeler. If you are running on the cloud, the log file can be accessed via your app platform pages for that app (Monitor || Logs || Fetch Current Log File)

Also, if you want to view the generated document and see that it looks correct, you can put a document viewer on a web page to view the generated file (doc viewer widget can be found in the app store).

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