Using flat file interface in Mx5

In a Mx5.5.0 project, I want to use the flat file interface from the appstore. I used this thread to make the conversion from Mx4 to Mx5. When importing the FlatFile module, a message appears that the replecation.jar is overwritten. When I try to run the project, an java error occurs: error: method addMappingForAttribute in class ReplicationSettings cannot be applied to given types; [javac] this.addMappingForAttribute(columnId, columnAlias, memberName, (isKey ? KeyType.ObjectKey : KeyType.NoKey), isCaseSensitive, parser); Anyone knows how to use the FlatFile Interface in Mx5.5.0?
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The replication.jar is not part of the functionality for the flatflile interface module. I think it's part of the excel import module and has inadvertently been added to the package. You could try to replace the excel importer module with the latest version from the app store, thereby replacing the jar again and this should fix your issue. If it doesn't check your userlib directory for the conflicting jar and remove it manually.