Reference selector. Or an alternative

Hello everyone, I have a page with multiple reference selectors. Each Reference selector is from the same two entities (Eg Party1 and Party2) but contain multiple associations (each different) e.g (Party1-Question1, Party2-Question1, Party1-Question2, Party2-Question2 etc...) On my webpage I have RefSelector1 and RefSelector2, RefSector3 etc. Each Reference Selector belongs to each association And many possibilities exist e.g RefSelector2 and Reference3 is to display data depending on what was selected on RefSelector1 (And this data will not be the same) When adding a breakpoint onto the MF I use to populate RefSelector2/RefSelector3, I can clearly see that the correct data is being retrieved, but when having to display the retrieved data on the page containing the Reference selectors, nothing is returned. Can anyone assist? Or any suggestion on an alternative widget I could use?
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The data for the reference selectors is loaded on the loading of the screen. You have 2 options: 1) save the data and refresh the object, this will reload the data for the reference selectors. 2) use the lazy reference selector from the app store, this will load on clicking the field.