Link button and Action trigger

Hi I just want to know if there is a way of firing a microflow when a link button is clicked and execute some actions before the user is redirected to an external link.
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If you want to redirect the user in the same page (not a new browser window) and first trigger some actions from a button you can do the following:

  • Create a non persistent entity with one attribute to hold the url
  • Create a page with a dataview for this new entity.
  • Download the url redirector widget from the appstore and place this in the dataview with the url attribute value mapped to your attribute holding the url and target is same browser page
  • Add a button with a microflow (microflow button not a link) add any actions needed in the microflow and at the end create a object of your non persitent entity and fill the attribute with the url value.
  • Then the last action of the microflow would be to open the newly created page.

Your user is now redirected and the action will be performed as well. This is not an option with the link button. Hope this helps you in achieving your desired result.