How do I exclude an object from a reference selector

I have an Object A with a self-reference (articles and articles that act as surcharge on articles). If I want to select the surcharge on object A in a dataview of object A, how will I go about excluding object A form the reference selector?
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If you render the reference selector as a drop down, you can use a custom data source for this.

Otherwise, I don't know an easy way to achieve the same. You'd need the following xpath constraint on the reference selector:

[id != '[%CurrentObject%]']

Mendix will automatically constrain the possible options using the association however, resulting in an empty list. Normally you can prevent this by setting the context to private, but I don't think this will work in situations where you have a self-reference (because you need the object in the context for the xpath constraint to work, but also need to drop it to prevent the automatic association constraint).