Abstract Mendix Objects

I have a 3 tier class (or metaobject) hierachy in which there is one object in the second tier which I never want to instantiate is it possible to prevent this in the similiar fashion to using the abstract keyword in Java. I feel this poses an issue as It fails to make the point clear to developers/analysts working on my model that a particular object should not be instantiatated, also It means for each inheritance split I have to deal with a flow which will never be executed leading to an overcomplicated microflow. Is it possible to set a metaobject as abstract? if not is this something that has been considered or will be for future releases? Regards, Ollie
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No, it's currently not possible. You could of course prevent people from creating/deleting/changing these objects by creating matching evens which will fire off errors, but that's probably not what you're looking for.

At the moment you're pretty much confined to adding little "do not instantiate" comments everywhere, and telling your colleagues not to use these objects directly :) If this is something you're interested in please add a feature request in mxdn.